Selfie Sticks Stole The Magic From Venice

Venice was one of those places that I had been looking forward to most when I decided on coming to Italy, and why wouldn’t I be excited? It’s not like you can find a city halfway submerged in water every day. I wish I could say all good about this city that I was so anxious to see. Unfortunately, travel isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

I almost didn’t write a post about it because I was so disappointed with what I experienced. Don’t get me wrong, Venice is beautiful; it’s considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world by many. It’s like something right out of a movie, however, because of that it’s hard to actually experience Venice.

Going through Venice I (of course) snapped a few photos but I also too the time to appreciate what was around me: the old architecture, shops selling masquerade masks, gelato shops galore, and the thousands of people who were experiencing Venice through their phone screens or camera lenses.

I look to my right to see a girl snapchatting her gelato and can’t help but peek at her screen to see her slide a cooling filter on it and making it look like a pinterest-worthy photo, what her followers don’t see if that she was standing in the middle of a crowded walkway with people pushing past her to get where they going. I look to my left to see a couple with their selfie stick held high and smiling for a photo; I can only imagine will end up in an album with 100 other selfies for facebook or posted on Instagram. I continue walking, trying not to make eye contact with the street vendors trying to sell these selfie sticks in hopes they don’t think I might be interested. I see people taking pictures of random walls and walking a couple feet to get a photo of a door knob, walking a few more feet and taking photos of their actual feet.

So I guess I can’t solely blame selfie sticks for this but they are still a part of the problem.

This isn’t meant to discourage you from going but just be forewarned that on the other side of all those glamorous photos of Venice, are the people taking them (and the hundreds of other tourists taking similar photos to call their own).

If you can look past the mobs of people and the fact that this is definitely super touristy I’d say go.  My suggestion is to live in the moment and put down your phone and camera for most of your time there; plus I’d be lying if I didn’t say I also took my own touristy photos too. Moderation is key! Venice, Italy


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