Veni Vidi Visit: Free Walking Tour In Rome

If you are like me, then getting the most for your money is extremely important. I try to make my money last as long as it can but how can I do that without sacrificing great experiences? It’s not as hard as you may think.Overlooking RomeI was able to take part in a free walking tour of the not-so-touristy parts of Rome.

My guide, Alessandro, educated us on Rome and showed us things that I most likely would have skipped past without even knowing how cool they were. Starting from the ancient Chariot race stadium, we visited the Aventine hill with its early-christian churches, gardens, views and its unknown city within a city. I got to see the first image of christ in one of the churches. We got to glimpse through a keyhole to see through the Vatican and saw St. Peter perfectly lined up in the middle. We went to the cattle market and learned about the early romans and how they evolved from a village to the biggest city the world has known. We passed though the Theater of Marcellus to the Jewish district, the oldest in Europe. IMG_0575There was so much that we did and that doesn’t even cover it all!

Our group made our way through the city for 2 hours, and were in awe around every corner while Alessandro educated us, telling us about the history and legends around every corner. It was not only a learning experience but also a great time with a lot of laughs on everyone’s part. 

It is a good amount of walking so I would suggest good shoes. Also, the churches that are visited have a dress code: meaning no bare shoulders or knees. Dress accordingly or bring something to cover up while inside.Screenshot 2016-03-16 09.27.58Even though this tour is free, a tip is appreciated. These guide dedicate their time to do something that they love and actually make their money off of these tips. Even the smallest amount is huge thank you for them.

Check them out on Facebook. Tours are every Wednesday and Saturday at 10am and you don’t even have to make reservations; just show up!

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