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If you google ‘where to go’ in an area you will be bombarded with options; go ahead and assume the first page of links are paying google for every click. Usually they will be main attractions owned by someone. Keep scrolling and you may find something a little less mainstream.

How do you find those places to get away from the entrance fees, long lines, crying children, chaos, etc? Figure out where the locals go.

I consider myself a traveler, not a tourist. My life isn’t a big vacation, it’s a lifestyle. That’s why I don’t only go to well-known attractions. I appreciate small hole in the wall places just as much if not more than acclaimed attractions. I don’t want to pay an entrance fee to go to an attraction that’s fenced off with signs everywhere, and tourists taking the same photo as heaps other people every single time I do something. Don’t get me wrong, some places are too great to skip out on but I also love to submerge myself in an atmosphere that isn’t disturbed by the hustle and bustle that a touristy place brings.

From local places to eat in Indonesia, to small lakes and rivers in Michigan, there is so much more to explore other than well known attractions.

I’ve always loved getting to know where the locals go, and what they do. I genuinely enjoy getting to know each area. Isn’t that supposed to be what traveling is all about?

Some of my favorite hang out spots were places that I stumbled upon or was told about by new friends I had made in that area: locations that don’t have a specific address, restaurants I can’t remember the name of, sites that don’t even have names, etc.

Unfrequented areas are good for your soul. This category will introduce you to less known places and how to find them. Hope you enjoy exploring with me.

About The Writer

About The Writer

Hey there! I’m Nicole, a spontaneous wanderess with a desire to travel the world.

I figure there are 7 billion people in the world so if I can't find 100 who think what I write is kind of cool then there is something wrong with me.

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