Florida: Snorkeling Devils Den

Devils Den FloridaA two hour drive from Orlando to Williston is what it took to get to this prehistoric underground spring. It was supposed to be a rainy day but a couple friends (Matt, Katy) and I headed out that way and hoped for the best; fortunately, that’s all we needed.

We arrived at this place that is literally in the middle of no where. There aren’t many signs until you are there but our phone gps was able to get us there without any issues. I was lucky that my friends already had snorkel gear so we didn’t have to rent out equipment. After signing a waiver, and paying $15 we could be here all day if we wanted to.Devils Den FloridaIt was a cooler day and definitely off season so there weren’t many people.

From above you can see everything. The water is a clear blue which allows you to see the very bottom. It’s like something right out of a movie.IMG_9875A small rock stairway takes you down into another little cavern with a wooden stairway the rest of the way down. Devils Den FloridaDevils Den The water was cold. It would have been more enjoyable if we had gone on a warmer day, regardless, we still put on our gear and swam around. After a while the cold is something you get used to.

Little fish swam right up with me, mainly minnows, but there was still a few bigger fish that kept their distance. A couple of people in there were even feeding the fish with food that was provided at a small cost.
Devils Den FloridaWe all took our photos then decided to explore the area a little more outside of the cave. There isn’t too much more to see though. It was pretty run down but still fun to explore.devils dendevils denMatt and KatyIt was an adventure and that’s all I need.

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