Ancona, Italy: Il Passetto

Monumento ai Caduti, also referred to as “Il Passetto” by the locals, is one of the best spots (in my opinion) to hang out around Ancona. Situated at the end of Viale della Vittoria, and only a 5-10 minute walk from the city center, is this war monument. The monument itself is an attraction you must see but the view and surrounding things are equally awe-inspiring.Il Passetto: Ancona, ItalyThe monument has a view overlooking the Adriatic sea. I was told that when the weather is clear, you can even see Croatia from here. Adriatic sea. Ancona, Italy.Both of the photos above are taken from a platform, which is also an elevator that can be taken to ground below for a small fee. In all seriousness though, you can walk down the set of 150 stairs, it’s really not so bad.Houses on the sea. Ancona, Italy.At the bottom of the stairs is a platform and a beach. If you walk along the shore to the left you’ll find all these little doors made right into the hill. I was told that they are homes owned by people, mainly boat owners. They used to be owned by fisherman but were passed down through generations and are nearly impossible to buy. I would love to be able to see the inside of one but I’m not sure if that’s very likely.

In the summer people will swim here also but since I’m here in the winter, getting in the water is out of the picture. It’s really a beautiful area. I would highly suggest taking the walk, or catching the bus from the heart of Ancona to this spot.
Ancona, Italy

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