About Me

Hey there! I’m Nicole, a small town girl wanting to travel the world.

Up until a couple years ago, I hadn’t even left the state of Michigan, United States. What changed so drastically for me?

I had a well paying, full time job but I was never fully content. I would take a couple days off work here and there but short vacations and day trips weren’t cutting it for me.

I decided to do some research and think of some way to travel the world. I stumbled upon a lot of options and I just had to choose what was right for me. Au Pairing it would be, ya’know, just to get my feet wet.

I sold all of my possessions down to two suitcases and a backpack. Being the very materialistic person I was at the time, I was torn selling my Coach purses and Miss Me jeans, but knew I didn’t need them and needed the money more. Once everything was gone, I felt a wave of relief brush over me though. I got a Passport, a VISA, bought my plane ticket, and put in my two weeks at work. Australia was my home for the next 7 months.

That travel bug still has it’s grip on me. Since then I have not set foot in any area long enough to really settle in. Currently I am planning for more adventures and will keep everyone updated on the way with posts and photos!

Where am I going?


February 14 : Los Angeles, USA

February 21 : Bangkok, Thailand

Where have I been so far?

Countries highlighted in pink.

Where have I been

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